The Unofficial Project M Website EULA:

• No part of this site is affiliated with the now dismissed PMDT (Project M Development Team) and they will not be held responsible for the content or actions of this website in the event of a Cease and Desist or any form of legal takedown etc.
• DO NOT contact the PMDT in any form including but not limited to email, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or any form of networking communication in regards to this website. Any requests either legal or informal shall be sent to "Auxel" (You may request my real name and contact me at [email protected]).
• This website does not endorse piracy of Nintendo's works and any form of Project M must be operated using an official, Nintendo licensed Super Smash Bros. Brawl disc. While console emulation is legal within the United States, it is recommended that you play Project M on official Nintendo hardware.
• Super Smash Bros. and all associated characters and content are copyrighted by their respective owners (Nintendo, Sega, Konami, etc.) and may not be illegally redistributed.

Formal Copyright Notice

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