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The wacky, slip-sliding water type pokémon makes his Project M debut! Similar to Charizard, Squirtle has broken free from Pokémon Trainer and learned some new tricks on his own. Don't worry about elemental weaknesses or stamina - Squirtle's ready to unleash aquatic mayhem!


One of Squirtle's chief strengths is his phenomenal mobility. In addition to a superb wavedash and high aerial mobility, Squirtle can also Shell-shift. A suite of techniques he inherited from his brawl form, Shell-shifting involves manipulating Squirtle's unique running turnaround to produce a myriad of movement patterns. Squirtle's turnaround has even become an attack in it's own right, making Shell-shifting followups even more accessible - like his lethal Upsmash! Using all of his tools, Squirtle can find the ideal position to advance on his opponent - another area he excels in.


Squirtle's other great strength is his ability to breach enemy defenses. Anytime that Squirtle retreats into his shell during an attack he gains a small amount of constant armor. This allows him to bypass some projectiles and other weak moves at little cost. His smash attacks in particular have stronger armor and are thus more reliable at breaking through. His best move for getting in is by far his redesigned Side Special, Withdraw. This move's armor, combined with its high speed can bypass projectile screens with ease. Squirtle also has a new hard-hitting option out of Withdraw by pressing Up Special when an opponent is close, "Aqua Jet"! Overall, Withdraw as an ideal for chasing an opponent down. Once he does catch them, Squirtle's spinning shell will send them hurtling at a low angle while he himself pops out after them. Try knocking them offstage to set up for deadly edgeguards!


Squirtle's other Specials haven't lacked for attention. His Up Special, Waterfall goes a bit further than in Brawl and the strong final hit has a bit more kill power. Perfect for surprise kills at the end of a high-altitude juggle! His Water Gun Neutral Special can now damage the opponent and clash other projectiles. This makes it an effective defensive tool when Squirtle is feeling pressured. Of course, breaking away from Pokémon Trainer has allowed Squirtle to learn a new move: Bubble! Squirtle can now spew a stream of bubbles that can trip nearby foes. This move is especially good for sliding his opponent offstage for a quick edgeguard, or preventing them from returning to it.