Current Public Version: 3.6+mf
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Big Blue

Stage Size: Varies
Platforms: Varies
Ceiling: Medium
Side Blast Zones: Medium

Hailing from the F-Zero Franchise, this race track is featured on a planet of the same name where 99% of the surface is covered in water. The second track in the first game in the series, gamers were treated to Mode-7 graphics at their finest while traversing through sharp curves and water hazards.

Introduced in Melee, this stage is often remembered for its unique layout in which players follow the race by jumping from car to car and trying to avoid pitfalls and falling on the track. Platforms come and go, along with the Falcon Flyer but most of the action is focus on avoiding the track. Gimps are easy to pull off on heavy / slow characters, while characters who can fly or are light can’t be sent to their deaths as easily.