Current Public Version: 3.5
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Delfino Plaza

Stage Size: Varies
Platforms: Varies
Ceiling: Low/Very Low
Side Blast Zones: Close

Delfino Plaza functioned as the Peach's Castle for the Gamecube title, Super Mario Sunshine. While some people weren't excited about collecting "Shine Sprites" and asked where the stars went, no one was sad to welcome a new hub world with some new areas to explore and more stuff to do than ever before. Home to the Shine Gate, this world changed and expanded as Mario progressed with his adventure with new levels, increasing sunlight and the occasional flood (oh, and F.L.U.D.D. was there too).

Tour the great Plaza of Isle Delfino by flying platforms! That's your opportunity to go hit someone below stage, since the rest of the time, there's either water or flooring. Play your cards right and you can keep your opponents in the water long enough for them to sink or just walk them right off stage. You'll be touring the Plaza in a random order, so you'll never know what will be coming your way next!