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Distant Planet

Stage Size: Very Large
Platforms: 4
Ceiling: Low
Side Blast Zones: Close

Time to shrink down like the Pikmin and head to a Distant Planet for this stage in Project M. For those of you that have played previous releases, this might look a little bit similar to another stage that was often played on. Well, we felt that it was a real shame that Captain Olimar did not have somewhere to return to, so we touched up the old place a little bit. He and his companions should feel right at home... and just in time for his appearance, too!

Two Bulborbs and a Cloaking Burrow-nit overlook the main platform hidden by the grass and twigs where combatants face off and a small stream of water lets out near the left edge of the stage. Two of the four platforms are made up of some of the leaves coming from the background. Outside of being a fine aesthetic touch, the leaves are also pressure-sensitive, slowly lowering when a character stands on top of them to just under it's neighboring platform's height. The stage also features a wall that is perfect for characters who can utilize it for their recoveries.