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Fountain of Dreams

Stage Size: Small
Platforms: 3*
Ceiling: Medium
Side Blast Zones: Close

Kirby's Adventure for the NES was a classic and introduced a large part of the USA to everyone's favorite pink, person gobbler. It's fitting that the Dream Spring from that game evolved into what is well known as the Fountain of Dreams, home to some of the most memorable music in Smash Bros. Now we just have to hope that the Star Rod stays put during all the ruckus.

Geysers make the two side platforms rise and fall, and sometimes make them disappear all together. That means that strategies and techniques need to adapt to the tide of the water. Characters with agility gain the upper-hand for a moment, only to fall off to characters who excel in close quarters. Offstage play is also always in flux, since the usual balance is offset by the odd shape of the stage. If there's a nightmare in Dreamland, it has to be the ease with which a recovery can go wrong, or how simple a gimp can ruin their day.

* As previously mentioned, the right and left platform can disappear from the stage, leaving only the top platform and the base remaining.