Current Public Version: 3.6+mf
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Stage Size: Varies
Platforms: 0/1
Ceiling: Very Low
Side Blast Zones: Medium

The ever fabulous home of the ever fabulous Meta Knight...well until it was hijacked. First debuting in Kirby Super Star, the Halberd is well known for The Revenge of Meta Knight sub-game and the fact that it has Meta Knight's face on it. Whether the name of this flying machine of death is referring to the two-handed weapon or Hal laboratories (the creators of the Kirby Franchise) is a mystery that will never be answered. Hijacked to be used in the Subspace Army, the Halberd was taken from Meta Knight only to be destroyed against the Subspace Gunship...yes the repairs were expensive. The fact remains that the Halberd makes for an awesome ship, and a great place to smash.

Beginning in the Hanger before taking off into the skies, you'll follow the Halberd on a flying platform. Be sure to stay on it before lift off, otherwise you'll be leaving a stock behind. Traversing on a platform nearby the Halberd is dangerous stuff, but not nearly as dangerous as landing on the deck. Lasers from Main Cannon #2 will attempt to Lock On and blast you out of the sky. Cannonballs will also be fired to try and quell the fighting, but fortunately the claw will be turned off for the skirmish.