Current Public Version: 3.6+mf
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Lylat Cruise

Stage Size: Medium
Platforms: 3
Ceiling: High
Side Blast Zones: Medium

Coming to you live from the Star Fox Universe, we're taking a cruise of the Lylat System. Prepare for some beautiful views of planets such as Corneria, the fear inducing asteroid belt, and an awe-inspiring battle between two armies. Don't worry about being able to breathe, it's a video game! Logic doesn't apply! In all seriousness, Lylat Cruise is definitely one of the most visually impressive stages in Project M, and well deserving of a spot in the lineup.

DO A BARREL ROLL. Or don't...this stage doesn't rotate anymore, ROB 64 finally got that g-diffuser stabilized. The stage's layout is angular on the sides, making recovery a bit more tricky than usual. The angles on the sides allow for a variety of different strategies, but it all really depends on the situation. Edge-guarding requires some practice to get used to, as does recovering. Use the boost to get through, trust your instincts and, as always, be prepared to save Slippy.