Current Public Version: 3.6+mf
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Stage Size: Medium
Platforms: 2
Ceiling: Low
Side Blast Zones: Medium

If Brinstar is well known for the acid, Norfair is definitely well known for the lava. The deepest section of Zebes, Norfair is basically an active volcano with all the lava, magma and heat that comes with it. Samus couldn't even access the majority of the sector until she obtained the Varia Suit, and even then it was dangerous until the Gravity Suit was introduced. Featuring Crocomire (whose bones you can almost make out in the background) and the ever popular Ridley, Norfair is certainly an area of Metroid that might just be too hot to handle.

Norfair's two platforms slowly move horizontally and vertically, creating a dynamic match. As the match goes on, players must adapt to the many different layouts the stage throws at them. The blast ceiling is pretty decent, so your best bet is to launch your opponent horizontally towards the caverns edges. Luckily, you shouldn't have to jump to avoid any lava, the planet's core is currently going through a bit of a cooling period.