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Peach's Castle 64

Stage Size: Varies
Platforms: Varies
Ceiling: Very low
Side Blast Zones: Close

Super Mario 64 was the first Mario title to introduce a 3D environment, taking platforming possibilities to a new level and becoming a dear part of many a childhood. Sealed away in Peach's Castle are paintings that would take you to other worlds; the final world is set high above the clouds, with tricky platforms that keep you constantly moving. Thankfully, many of the enemies and hazards are absent in this rendition of the Rainbow Cruise, but having to fight opponents while moving forward will still keep your hands full!

This stage is constantly moving in a clockwise direction, and there are three main areas that must be followed in order to survive. You start the stage on a flying ship with slanted sides and two platforms in the center, making for a cramped start that can keep you too close for comfort. Next is a large set of rising platforms, which gives the fight a unique focus on vertical space. Flying carpets and a swinging pendulum can make for clever maneuvering if you manage to stay on! The rotation finishes on a long horizontal area with platforms erratically scattered. As the floor moves into blast zones on both sides, an emphasis is placed on grounded fighting. The rotation ends up dropping players back onto the ship, ready to circle around once more.