Current Public Version: 3.6+mf
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Stage Size: Medium
Platforms: Varies
Ceiling: Low
Side Blast Zones: Medium

Pictochat represents the fond memories of notepad sketching with friends on your DS handhelds. While using a simplistic drawing system, the sky was the limit in terms of what you were capable of, as is evidenced by the creative masterpieces that can be found on the spiritual successor that is the Miiverse. An ever-changing world should give you plenty to think about and work around while you find your footing against opponents.

What starts off as just the main stage and a blank canvas turns into a number of possibilities that can significantly change the way fighting goes on. This can manifest itself in many ways--Springs near the ledges can force recovering players upward, platforms in the forms of bushy eyebrows, large trees, a boat in water, a ferris wheel, a whale...and even an enormous diagonal line that suddenly cuts the battlefield in half! These stage transformations are immediate and random, but the list must cycle in its entirety, so it takes a very long time before any repeats appear. If you're looking for variety, few stages can provide like Pictochat; knowing how each transformation can work to your advantage is the key to victory here.