Current Public Version: 3.6+mf
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Stage Size: Large
Platforms: 3
Ceiling: Large
Side Blast Zones: Medium

All hail Palutena! A statue of the great Goddess of Light watches from the backdrop as combatants fight on the land and in the clouds. A regal waterfall hangs just behind the main platform that has runes glowing in the center. Perhaps these runes are what keep the small oasis afloat? All we know for sure is that Skyworld from the Kid Icarus Universe is a fan-favorite, and we're more than happy to see it in the stage lineup!

Take a brief look at Skyworld, and you can tell that the stage is clearly heavenly. Obvious setting aside, players would do well not to have their heads in the clouds when attempting to use the fluffy platforms on top of the main stage. Landing on them will take practice, as we are sure no one wants to plummet like Icarus from the skies to the welcoming blast zone below. There isn't anything to watch out for in terms of hazards on this stage, but do be careful not to hit your head on the underside of the base... what looks like a sure recovery may not always be so. With that said, take to the skies brave warriors, may the Goddess of Luck smile upon you.