Current Public Version: 3.6+mf
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Wario Land

Stage Size: Small
Platforms: 4
Ceiling: Very Low
Side Blast Zones: Very Close

The Warioware franchise is all about minigames...or microgames as this stage would have you believe. However, we believe that Smash is a fun enough game on its own, so the microgames have been removed in favor of fast-paced action. This stage still holds the values of Warioware at its heart though, by maintaining the pig in the background and the elevator level that the franchise is so well known for.

The platforms are sized perfectly for aerial juggling, and are placed near the edge to allow for the offstage character to make a choice on what height to come in on. There isn't a lot of room to work with on the sides though, so decisions need to be made instinctively by both players. The funnel format of the platforms encourages vertical launches, but since the blast zone is high, the highest platforms become necessary for any low percentage kills. Keep in mind, anyone with a wall jump or wall technique can use that to recover from below the edge, since the stage is a huge block. Without the microgames, this stage's layout encourages fast paced action at its finest.