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Yoshi's Island

Stage Size: Medium
Platforms: 1
Ceiling: Low
Side Blast Zones: Far

Not many people expected the sequel to Super Mario World to look anything like Yoshi's Island. The construction paper and crayon inspired art style was frowned upon by some for looking too childish, but those who did play it knew that it was one of the best platforming experiences on the SNES. Although some gamers will forever have Baby Mario's cries lodged in their nightmares, they can't help but acknowledge the impact that Yoshi's Island has played in the formation of Smash Bros. and how its inclusion as a Stage is mandatory.

The main draw to this stage is the single platform, which tilts on occasion leading to changes in spacing and strategy. Also shifting on Yoshi's Island are the seasons. The aesthetic and background changes to match the time of year...albeit on a severely sped up timescale. This stage also has the support ghosts, which work much like Yoshi's Story's infamous Randall, popping up at set intervals to save players. Keep an eye out for the friendly white Shy Guys, which provide a heads up on the ghost's next appearance. Yoshi's Island is home to dozens of easter eggs, so be sure to try and spot them all.