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Yoshi's Story

Stage Size: Small
Platforms: 3 1/2*
Ceiling: Very Low
Side Blast Zones: Very Close

Not everyone was a fan of the cardboard aesthetic of Yoshi's Story in the N64 game and not many were happy when it was brought over to Melee. And yet this stage is a fan favorite for perhaps just one reason. Randall. So when he was removed in favor of the support ghost in Brawl, there was an outcry. So we bring you back your favorite cloud without the annoying Fly Guys that accompanied him.

This stage is well known for its close quarters combat, while following a similar layout to Dreamland 64. The platforms become a matter of how well you can deal damage from them as opposed to how well you can evade your opponents attacks. The slopes near the edges of the stage add for a nice bit of variety and can be utilized for both offensive tactics as well as defensive ones. Keep in mind that Randall could appear at anytime, to either save you from a deadly fall, or to help you complete that dream combo that'll put the Wombo Combo to shame.

*Because we all love Randall, and he deserves to be counted at least partially for that one time he saved you.